Changing Agents

Like all relationships, the one between landlord and manager doesn’t always run smoothly – and sometimes the landlord wants “out”.

Sometimes the Agent is not providing the service you may expect. A few reasons we have heard over the years about why landlords change agents are as follows:

  • Lack of service they were getting, not returning calls, emails.
  • Not access to the Principal of the business
  • Not inspecting their property regularly
  • Not reviewing the rent
  • Constant change of managing agent
  • Feeling like a ‘number’ not a valued client
  • Not being notified before maintenance completed / charges are taken out of rent

Some landlords have a misconception about the Managing agency agreement and are under the false impression that when they sign a 12 month tenancy agreement with a tenant that they have also signed an Exclusive Management Agreement. As a result many landlords wait until the end of the 12 months to change managers when in fact they can change sooner – the process of changing managers is simple.

If you’re thinking about switching property managers, the team at BIO REAL ESTATE GROUP will handle the entire process, we arrange Everything from organising paperwork, notifying your current agent and arranging a smooth transition of your tenancy files.

We will arrange to collect owner/agent copies of property keys and all paperwork like copies of tenant application forms, leases, condition reports and photos executed by both agent and tenants.

We will arrange for the security deposit transfer as soon as all documents are received from your previous agent.

We will then notify your tenant of the transfer of management to our office and confirm the details provided to confirm all information is correct.

We will then arrange an inspection of the property with the tenants and send to you a fully detailed property report and photos and will discuss this with you further thereafter to ensure that your property is always being maintained in a good, clean and tidy condition.

If you would like BIO Real Estate to manage your rental property, please complete this form and we will do the rest.

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